Zümaround Electric Stand On Scooter Fun, Expensive

Remember those kick scooters you had as a kid? The ones that would get you down the street to your friend Billy’s house in time for playing a game? Kick scooters are still very popular today, even among adults, so it makes sense there would be electric assist versions for those big hills that are a little hard to kick your way up.

Kickstart Scooters is one company in the field of electric stand-on scooters, recently debuting its new Zümaround. While this scooter won’t create sparks behind you like one from Razor, the Zümaround is easily much more the sophisticated – and expensive – all-electric get around for those into this type of transportation.

image via Kickstart Scooters

Described as a hybrid kick scooter for adults, the Zümaround can go 20 miles in electric mode only before charging, according to its manufacturer. It can also go much longer reportedly if used just as an electric-assist for those extra challenging moments. All of this depends, of course, upon factors such as rider weight, terrain and wind conditions.

The Zümaround has a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour and a carrying capacity of 375 lbs. Its total weight, including battery, is a decently lightweight 36 pounds. It comes with 20″ pneumatic wheels, and is controlled through a thumb throttle.

It comes in four rather nice looking colors and is driven by a brushless, geared frictionless 250 hub DC motor. One stops via the two e-brakes, which are described as “standard bicycle v-brakes coupled with safety cut-off switches that cut power to the motor when braking.”

“Whether you’re kicking a scooter or pedaling a bike, many riders are challenged when going up hills or riding into strong winds,” said Gideon Tomaschoff, president of Kickstart Scooters, in a statement. “I wanted to improve my riding experience and arrive at my destination without being out of breath or sweaty, which is how the idea of an electric-assist system came to be.”

The Zümaround prices for around $1,250.

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