Voltage Cycles Sport Electric Bike Rides Into View

Here’s a fun little new electric cycle for those looking for a nice blend of classic design and modern technology. Voltage Cycles out of Grass Valley, California recently unveiled the Voltage Cycles Sport, its first full production electric bike. The company looks to have other electric bikes for sale as well on their website, but the Sport, at first glance, looks to be all their own doing.

As electric bikes go, the Sport has some pretty good technical specifications to it. Its lithium-ion battery pack, which can be fully charged in up to four hours via a standard household outlet, is said to offer enough energy for a maximum range of 40 miles of powered riding. Like other electric cycles though, this factor is influenced by things like terrain, weight the bike is carrying and whether or not you are going up hill. The rated life of the battery system, produced by AllCell Technology, is over five years of what’s said to be everyday riding and re-charging before needing to be replaced.

Voltage Cycles

image via Voltage Cycles

Voltage said it has built the Sport to essentially be a pedal electric assist, meaning you can use the pedals and battery energy together to extend the possible range this bike offers. Of course, if you just want to kick back, you can ride it up hill without pedal strain, and then kick in the legs again once you are over that tough spot.

The bike has a nice looking steel frame Voltage says is manufactured to handle the added weight and stress put on it by the electrical propulsion system. It makes use of industry standard bicycle components such as tires and brake pads that you don’t need to go back to Voltage to replace once they wear out.

Features of the Voltage Cycles Sport include a BMC 600w brushless geared rear hub motor, tank covers that come in basic black but which can be painted, a computer display that offers up information such as speed and distance and a throttle with an on/off power switch.

Pricing on this electric bike is $3,495.

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