Should Your Green Home Have A ‘Clean Room’?

Our home is our castle. It’s where we cook and sleep, and do other important things, like hanging out with family or relaxing. We like our homes to be clean, but what about sterile? A new product from Nexus EnergyHomes allows you to sterilize your indoor air, creating an environment that’s not unlike the clean rooms you see in labs and technology factories.

Like it or not, our increasingly sedentary lifestyle means that we spend a lot of time inside our homes. As a result of all the cleaning, cooking, breathing, and spraying of air fresheners, indoor air can be quite polluted, sometimes even worse than the air outside. Nexus claims that with green PCO technology and patent pending design, its Clean Air system, residents can eliminate 99.7% of harmful airborne contaminates, turning their entire house into a clean room.


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The Nexus Clean Air system, powered by Nautic Air, features a two-chambered filtration system that can eliminate airborne contaminates down to .001 microns making the air circulating through the home much healthier. If you or a family member currently suffer from allergies like hay fever, or chronic respiratory conditions like asthma, the Nexus Clean Air system could be the key to some relief.


NA21 Filtration System via Nautic Air

“They [Nexus] call it surgical quality air, but whatever it is, it feels very clean, very fresh, and that’s important to me because I suffer from allergies,” said Geordie Wilson, a Nexus Energy homebuyer, during a testimonial interview recently. “Moving into this house, I haven’t really had any problems at all with my allergies since we’ve been here, and we moved in during the late ragweed season.  In our old house, I’d just be dripping, and I’d have to pop some allergy meds, and I haven’t done that really at all, so I’ve definitely noticed a difference.”

According to Nexus Founder and President Paul Zaneki, the system will support the companies existing clean air components, including a central vacuum and energy recovery ventilation system with HEPA filtration, and low to no VOC building materials, sealants, and adhesives.

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