Coda EV Gets A Fat Little Rebate Through End Of October

When we last checked in on California-based electric vehicle start up Coda Automotive, they’d finally rolled their first production model off in the assembly line in March, only to have to recall their cars because of an airbag issue. Now, in an effort to drum up sales, they are back, offering up a point of sale instant rebate they say is equal to what you’d pay in electricity charges to drive their sedan for 10,000 miles.

As Coda puts it, the $552 rebate is basically 10,000 miles of free fuel, which they consider a bargain when you consider the fuel cost to drive a gasoline- or diesel-powered vehicle is approximately $1,723 nationally, or more than $2,000 in California, based upon EPA and AAA figures.

Coda Automotive

image via Coda Automotive

In further trying to hammer their point home with math logic, Coda also pointed out that “EV drivers are not subjected to the fuel inflation that gas- or diesel-powered car drivers experience,” given that over the past 20 years average gas prices have gone up while average home electricity prices have gone down.

The 2012 Coda Sedan, available initially just in California, costs around $37,250 before select federal and individual state savings and credits drop it down to $27,250. The $552 rebate shaves even more off, allowing you through the end of October to net one of these electric cars for $26,698.

As for technical credentials, the 31kWh electric car features an EPA rated combined range of 88 miles per charge, which Coda believes under optimal driving conditions can be pushed up to 125 miles in a single session. A 6.6 kW onboard charging capability provides a full charge in about six hours on 240 V.

The vehicle is powered by a Lithium-iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery pack that has a rather nice 10-year, 100,000-mile limited battery warranty. This battery is managed by what’s described as an “active thermal management system” that can reportedly optimize performance in hot and cold weather conditions.

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