Torch T1 Bike Helmet Integrates LEDs For Seamless Safety

Before you take your two-wheeled steed out on the open road, it’s important to go through the bike commuter safety check list. Helmet? Check. Front and rear lights? Check. Bell? Check. Tired of lights that have to be mounted and repositioned each time I wanted to ride my bike, I often opted for the handlebar-free illumination of a headlamp.

Now it seems that Torch Apparel, an LA-based company that got its initial funding from Kickstarter, has taken the forehead flashlight idea to an entirely new level. The company recently unveiled its first design: the T1 bike helmet. The design features ultra bright LEDs embedded into the front and back sections of a stylish bike helmet so riders can always see and be seen when cycling at night.

Torch T1 Bike Helmet

Image via Torch Apparel

If you’ve ever been slightly terrified by the tiny beam of light created by your usual bike headlight, the T1 will be a welcome relief. Using 1o LEDs, the helmet projects onto front and rear lenses that help diffuse the light across a large surface area. Created by industrial designer and avid cyclist Nathan Wills, the integrated lenses sit flush with the exterior shell of the helmet and protect the lights from the elements. The result is a wide swath of illumination in front, and a highly visible red tail light in the back. Both light panels wrap around the helmet, increasing visibility of the rider from all angles.

Currently the T1 helmet is only available on the Torch website, however will be available for sale in retail stores early next year. Torch will follow the T1 with several more bicycle helmet designs as well as a line of backpacks and messenger bags with integrated lights. Available in red or black starting at $120.

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