Old Cloth Sails Reborn As Chic Outdoor Furniture

Love the open water? Long for the feeling of the salty breeze in your face? Those of us in landlocked areas can only dream of what’s like to simply unfurl the sails and head out onto the open ocean when we need a change of scenery. Although you might not be able to duplicate the sound of the seagulls or recreate the crash of the waves, there are ways to add a little marine flair into your life as a landlubber.

Living Sails is the name of a new collection of outdoor furniture from Spanish design firm DVELAS. Made from reused portions of cloth sails from actual sailing vessels, these accent pieces are both functional and unique, and since they stood up to all kinds of weather out on the ocean, you know they’re durable too.


Image via DVELAS

Just like the name suggests, Living Sails furniture breathes life into these old, sea-worn sails. Rather than trying to make the fabric look like something it’s not, the designers celebrate the cloth’s nautical heritage. As this review points out, the unique nature of the sails guarantees that each piece is one of a kind. Each comes with a traceability tag that shares a bit of history of the sail including its origin, type, manufacturer, the boat it once belonged to and that boat’s home port.


Image via DVELAS

Although each piece in the collection is a limited edition, the variety of choices is quite diverse. DVELAS has managed to turn old sales into support chairs; easy chair/loungers; and armchair and couch poufs. The most impressive piece by far is the Vaurien, a combination pool floatie and covered lounge chair. And sails are the only part of the vessel that DVELAS reuses: there are also multipurpose hangers made from reclaimed bronze carabiners knotted to hemp ropes.

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    I want to purchase the couch poufs. It’s great for my deck. Me and my friends love to hang out at the deck all the time and those would be useful.

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