Lexus Hybrid Coupe Concept To Get Paris Peek

It might not be the “Holy cow!”-inducing beast that the LF-LC 2+2 concept car was at Detroit in January – coming second does have its drawbacks – but the new LF-CC concept hybrid that Lexus will show off in Paris next week definitely has a look that beckons a second glance.

Swoopy” is the way one writer described the rear-wheel drive, midsized coupe hybrid, and that works for us, although these are swoops highlighted by deep creases – and a fresh take on the wild grill the earlier car showed off.

lexus lf-cc concept paris

image via Lexus

Lexus said this was “boldest yet interpretation” of the signature Lexus ‘spindle’ grill. “Framed by the bonnet lip, deep lower spoiler and powerfully projecting front fender tips, the grille mesh is encased in a deep, metal-finish surround and takes on a pronounced, 3D form,” the company waxed.

More interesting touches up front: A three LED-projector headlamp is housed in the narrow gap between the lower and upper fender surfaces, without a conventional, one-piece cover, the company says.

lexus lf-cc paris

image via Lexus

Making it go is an “all-new” 2.5-liter full hybrid powertrain that Lexus says will deliver energy efficiency that will lead its class. CO2 emissions are targeted to come in below 100 grams per kilometer while the engine delivers 2 hp for each gram of CO2.

Lexus said the vehicle would be introduced by its European director, Paul Van der Burgh, on Sept. 27 at the Paris Motor Show.

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