Is Another ‘Green’ Electric Hummer A Good Or Bad Thing?

The Hummer SUV has often been seen as the we really hate it poster child of the environmental movement. Would this extend as well to a Hummer style vehicle that’s all electric? It is a good question for greens to ponder as you read about London, UK-based coachbuilder Prindville and the fact it is building an electric vehicle using the Hummer name.

Now Prindville certainly isn’t the first to build a “green” Hummer – the likes of Raser Technologies, My Electric Vehicle and Nation-E have, over the years, built their own versions of this vehicle. The Prindville offering is said to specifically be the UK’s first customized electric vehicle, and will price for around £25,000/$40,000 (excluding taxes, VAT, and shipping).

Prindville Electric Hummer

image via Prindville

The Prindville Electric Hummer will debut with a limited run of 25 individually numbered vehicles, before entering what is said to be a full manufacturing program that will allow for “an extensive array of options, paint colours, and finishes, subject to the vehicle’s dedicated use.”

A built-in 72v electric drive system, linked to a two-speed transmission, features an AC brushless motor powered by a lithium-iron phosphate battery pack that offers a range of up to 60 miles per charge. And for those that are curious, it is an official licensed product of General Motors.

The vehicle sports fully adjustable four-wheel front and rear suspension as well as adaptive rear drums and hydraulic front disc brakes. It can be outfitted with 15 or 18-inch alloy wheels and comes equipped with lockable, double-skinned driver and passenger doors, and injection moulded LED front headlamps and rear taillights, according to Prindville.

Features on the interior of this electric Hummer include heated sports seats available as a two or four-seat configuration, a LCD digital dash display indicating remaining battery power and speed amongst other key system functions, a Pioneer CD radio and MP3 in-car entertainment system and other assorted bells and whistles.

Being that it is technically an electric vehicle, the Prindville Electric Hummer qualifies in the UK for exemption from the London Congestion Charge, free parking (where applicable), and is deductible from corporate taxes. All of this being said, is it really a useful electric vehicle or just a fancy toy? Does it bug you that it is a “Hummer” in name? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

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