Intel, HP Team Up On World’s Most Efficient Super Computer

Editor’s Note: EarthTechling is proud to repost this article courtesy of The Climate Group.

Technology giants Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Intel recently teamed up to build the world’s most energy efficient supercomputer, which will be used by the US Government for research into renewable energy.

The computer is being hailed as a ‘supercomputer’ because it promises to be the world’s most efficient data center.


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Using HP and Intel’s latest technology, the machine will use warm water to efficiently cool the servers to the perfect temperature, allowing it to operate at top speeds, processing 1 million billion calculations per second.


The computer will be used exclusively by the US Government Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) for energy efficiency and renewables research – making it the world’s largest supercomputer to be used for this purpose.

Scott Misage, director, HPC, HP said: “NREL needed a system that would deliver on their commitment to energy efficiency while achieving the highest levels of performance for their researchers. HP ProLiant servers and innovative water cooled design provide the foundation needed to make this data center one of the most efficient in the world, while reaching petascale performance.”


The Climate Group’s SMART2020 report, in partnership with Global eSustainability Initiative (GeSI), stated that the largest potential for information communication technologies (ICTs) lies in enabling energy efficiency and carbon savings in other sectors.

Today’s data center by HP takes us one step further towards achieving the impact outlined in SMART2020, where ICTs could deliver approximately 7.8 GtCO2e of emissions savings in 2020.

To reach this goal, there must be an acceleration of widespread market adoption of innovative ICT solutions, such as super efficient, net zero data centers and cloud computing services.

Dasha Rettew, North American Head of Member Engagement, The Climate Group, said: “Leading companies adopting advanced ICT solutions across their commercial buildings and data centers are winning the efficiency race, generating financial gains, and helping address the climate crisis. HP’s leadership in bringing its innovation to the market is making this impact possible and will only continue to grow through purposeful partnerships aimed at creating a resource efficient planet.”

The $10 million HPC system will be located at the Energy Systems Integration Facility in Colorado.

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