LADWP Resolves To Build Clean, Cheap, Local Energy

Editor’s Note: EarthTechling is proud to repost this article courtesy of Natural Resources Defense Council. Author credit goes to Kristin Eberhard.

On August 7, LADWP adopted guiding principles for the development and implementation of its energy efficiency portfolio.

The resolution commits LADWP to “aggressively promote and achieve energy efficiency across all customer segments and energy end uses as a key part of LADWP’s long-term, supply-side energy procurement strategy.”

Los Angeles

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What does this mean?

Using energy efficiency as part of a supply-side energy procurement strategy may seem esoteric, but it has important implications for our clean energy future.  It means that the leadership at LADWP recognizes that energy efficiency is not only clean local energy, it is also the cheapest energy available. LADWP intends to get as much energy efficiency as possible before turning to dirtier and more expensive energy resources.

It means that LADWP has moved from the old mindset that dirty power plants are what keep the lights on and energy efficiency is a bonus or “icing on the cake” to be acheived only when times are good; to the new mindset that energy efficiency is part of LADWP’s basic mission: keeping the lights on while keeping costs down.  Energy efficiency is a clean, cheap, local, job-creating power plant and LADWP is ready to build it.

The resolution also commits to serve all customer classes, not just a select few. This means that every resident and business-owner in LA will have access to LADWP’s energy efficiency programs.

The LADWP Board reolution goes on to say that “LADWP is committed to transparency in the administration of its overall energy efficiency portfolio, and will report semi-annually on progress towards saving energy, serving a broad range of customers throughout the city, as well as on the training and job creation that results from energy efficiency investments. The LADWP will provide performance measurement and verification of actual realized energy savings.”

This means that LADWP is comitting to continue and extend the trend we have seen recently of increased transparency.  They will report twice a year on progress towards energy savings and resultant job creation. I look forward to seeing these reports and further great progress as our hometown utility brings clean local energy to LA.

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