Timbuk2 Launches New Eco-Friendly Line Of Products

Editor’s Note: EarthTechling is proud to repost this article courtesy of greenUpgrader. Author credit goes to Karen MacKay.

As an avid traveler, biker and part-time computer nerd, I own more Timbuk2 products than I’m proud to admit. Or maybe I am proud to own them, they’re incredibly durable, seem to last forever and there’s a product for almost every occasion or need. Five years and a few trips around the world later, my messenger bag still looks practically new. That being said, Timbuk2 is a company I trust and value, purely from personal experience. No paid endorsements here. I promise.

Adding environmentalist to my list of personas, I was stoked to discover Timbuk2 recently launched their Full-Cycle collection, a suite of bags and totes made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials. The line includes four different bag styles, each constructed with recycled PET fabrics and liners. Full-Cycle represents the first line of Global Recycle Standard (GRS) approved products from Timbuk2. GRS assesses various manufacturing factors including the product’s supply chain, traceability of materials, social responsibility measures and labeling.


image via Timbuk2

The enviro-goodness doesn’t stop with improved manufacturing methods and recycled materials. Ever heard the phrase “you deserve better” mid-breakup? Or maybe you were the one spouting such cliche idioms to your once-amore. Well Timbuk2 understands the sentiment.

If somewhere down the road you decide to break up with your bag, Timbuk2 will happily take it back and place it with a new, and probably more appreciative, owner. Seriously though, through donations and partnerships with several different charities, Timbuk2 has recycled over 4,500 bags. Timbuk2 accepts just about any bag (in usable condition) and provides customers with a 20% discount on their next purchase. The Full-Cycle line is unique from previous products in that the PET fabric itself can be recycled, so even if the bag is no longer usable, it can be made into something new. Whether giving bags a second life or recycling specific components, Timbuk2 is clearly committed to diverting waste from landfills.

The Full-Cycle collection can be viewed on Timbuk2’s website here.

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