Ozoshare: A New Social Network For The Green Living Crowd

Love to talk about the latest and greatest ways to reduce your carbon footprint? Tired of all the laughing cats and political memes circulating on Facebook? Now there’s a social networking platform specifically dedicated to sustainability that’s driven solely by the green interests of its members.

Ozoshare, which launched yesterday, claims to be the first and only private, secure, user-friendly social network dedicated to the green community where members connect and share in an increasingly environmentally-conscious world. Based on the same basic principal of Facebook (and many lesser social networking platforms) Ozoshare allows members to share green messages with “partners” (friends) while staying up to date with current green issues.

Ozoshare Green Social Networking

Image via Ozoshare

If you’re already active in “green” circles on Facebook and Twitter, you might wonder why you should bother with yet another profile to maintain. The difference between Ozoshare and these other social media platforms appears to be the way members can self-identify themselves and their interests.

Rather than complicating the experience with other social dimensions, such as the members’ gender, parties or friends, Ozoshare provides a platform specifically for members via their green interests they designated on their Ozoshare bio (profile). Members can have a business page and/or a personal page and an unlimited number of “partners.” Members can also create custom pages with personalized tabs that include their website, donation page, newsletter, mission statement, blog and more. When Ozoshare members “approve” a page they like, it helps to generate increased visibility for the cause.

According to a recent release, Ozoshare already has over 3,000 members and is growing daily. “The biggest advantage of Ozoshare is that it is driven by green interests which link members to the people and organizations they want to connect with,” said Seth Leitman, green living expert at GreenLivingGuy.com and editor of McGraw-Hill’s Green Guru Guides. “This results in greater conversion for organizations and a more satisfying experience for individuals.”

Tell us: Are you interested in an all-green social networking platform or do you prefer to use existing platforms like Facebook or Twitter to share your green passion?

Beth Buczynski is a freelancer writer and editor currently living in the Rocky Mountain West. Her articles appear on Care2, Ecosalon and Inhabitat, just to name a few. So far, Beth has lived in or near three major U.S. mountain ranges, and is passionate about protecting the important ecosystems they represent. Follow Beth on Twitter as @ecosphericblog


  • Reply August 10, 2012

    Anne L

    For now I prefer to keep using Facebook; not that it’s so great, but so many people and family members go there regularly. This way I can interface with them more directly. Sometimes I get “hits” on my green passion links and I feel I may open a few more eyes through Facebook. As a married retiree, I’m not so much looking for “finding the right partner” as I am just wanting others to wake up. My mission is to share the truth and help spread the environmental message.

  • Reply August 10, 2012


    More people justifying their opinions from like-minded sources, and restricting themselves to that. Seems we have more than enough of that in the world already.

  • Reply August 13, 2012


    I prefer Ozoshare, FB has too many spammers and too many limits.  Ozoshare is perfect for connecting with others who have the same concerns  I am loving it!

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