GE Scientists Unveil Dramatically Dimming CFLs

When it comes to creating an energy efficient home, choosing the right type of lighting is a big challenge. Lights are the most commonly used electrical appliance in the residential setting, and are most likely to be left on for long hours during the day. To cut down on excessive energy usage, many homeowners have made the switch to more energy efficient light bulbs, such as CFLs. For many, however, CFL use is limited only to those areas of the home that can withstand a bright direct light.

In areas where lighting needs are varied, residents have previously been required to choose less-efficient alternatives that come with dimming capabilities. Now, a new generation of GE Energy Smart and Reveal bulbs combines the savings of compact fluorescent light bulbs with the smooth dimming capabilities of other lighting alternatives.

Image via GE

Although there are other dimmable CFLs already on the market, the new offerings will do something competitors can’t: GE’s new CFLs dim down to five percent of light output – most CFLs on the market today only dim down to 20 percent. By combining the efficient nature of the CFL with the dimmable technology of incandescent bulbs, consumers will enjoy energy savings from $44.00 – $81.00 over the lifetime of the bulb.

The bulbs will be available in a variety of wattage options, and homeowners will be able to choose between traditional Soft White CFLs and Reveal bulbs, which are specially made to enhance colors. Look for the new bulbs in the lighting section of national stores including Walmart, Target, Ace, True Value, Do It Best, Kroger, CVS, Walgreens and Lowe’s.

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