Battery-Powered Smart Flowerpot: Just Add Water And Grow!

We often talk about gardening as a way to unplug from our technologically-saturated lives and reconnect with the natural world. We like growing food because, besides being practical, it allows us to put our hands in the dirt and take responsibility for our own sustenance. We might like to romanticize urban farming as one of the last bastions of analog life, but even this form of slow living has been infiltrated by gadgets and gizmos.

The fact is that lots of people would like to have an indoor garden, but even the small tasks of seeding, watering, and fertilizing these plants can been too much of a commitment. Thanks to a few garden-loving geeks, those time-consuming efforts need no longer keep you from the fresh herbs or flowers that you crave. Click & Grow is an electronic smartpot system that allows you to grow a variety of plants at the touch of a button.

click and grow smartpot

Image via Click & Grow

“If smart technology is so great for phones and energy management systems,” thought the creators of Click & Grow, “why not apply the same principals gardening?” The result of their creativity is a gardening container equipped with electronic sensors, batteries, a pump and a water reservoir. According to the company, Click & Grow measures all the necessary parameters and doses an exact amount of water, fertilizer and air, according to the plant’s needs.

With all this high tech monitoring equipment, it only makes sense that the organic material used in a Click & Grow would be fancier too. Instead of just scooping in dirt, this smartpot uses a plant cartridge full of seeds, nutrients and special software. “The electronic garden (pot) and the plant cartridge work together like a printer,” states the website. “Just like you can change the empty printer cartridge, you can change the plant cartridge in the Click & Grow pot. If the plant’s natural life cycle ends, you can remove the old plant cartridge and insert a new one. Immediately the flowerpot will start to grow a new plant!”

Right now, Click & Grow cartridges can be used to grow French Marigold, Basil MIX, the Painted Nettle, Chilli pepper and mini tomato, but more plants are being tested all the time. Get your own starter kit for $59.99.

Beth Buczynski is a freelancer writer and editor currently living in the Rocky Mountain West. Her articles appear on Care2, Ecosalon and Inhabitat, just to name a few. So far, Beth has lived in or near three major U.S. mountain ranges, and is passionate about protecting the important ecosystems they represent. Follow Beth on Twitter as @ecosphericblog

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