New Electric Scooter A Home Grown Affair In Portugal

Portugal, like many other European nations, has a percentage of its population who love to ride scooters. The problem is, many of them are loud and belching of C02 emissions. A team of researchers from the University of Coimbra aim to change that, recently unveiling what is said to be the first home grown all-electric scooter.

The team at this university, led by one Ana Vaz, are showcasing this scooter as an alternative to the many gasoline powered models on local roads. It has a range of between 60 and 90 miles, depending upon the usual factors that impact EV transportation. It also, according to P3, gets a top speed of 30 miles per hour or so, which is a good number for those driving in urban settings and where you’d likely find this scooter.

University of Coimbra Electric Scooter

image via University of Coimbra

The Coimbra electric scooter, according to EV World, makes use of the latest technology in electric scooter development. Researchers behind the project note it has three “different driving styles,” which can be set to determine how one wants their handling on the road. For example, an eco mode, like what is common on many mainstream electric cars, allows for economical driving (i.e. longer driving range), while the sport mode allows for higher speeds, but consequently likely lower range.

Other features on this stylish looking electric scooter include the electric motor and energy storage system which makes use of a smart charger. Also fascinating, and tied to the three driving modes mentioned earlier, is the ability for the two wheeled electric ride to be configured to specific driver preferences matched to a control card, which P3 reported on as well.

It is believed a final version of this electric scooter project from the university could be ready to enter the market within a few months if an interested commercial partner comes forward.

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