Virgin In Saddle For Scooter Concept Inspired By Horse Riding

This gorgeous, super sleek design is the latest electric vehicle (EV) concept to appear on our radar.

The scooter is the work of Berkeley-based designer Mikael Shevelkin, who came up with the lightweight two-wheel ride named Virgin Scooter especially for the Virgin Brand.


image via Mikael Shevelkin/Coroflot

The EV is fitted with two taillights, one on the rear fender and the other under the seat to increase visibility after dark. The scooter has turn signals wedged in the fenders to let others know which way you are heading.

Encased within the curving bodywork, the scooter’s unique steering system was inspired by the natural steering of a horse — the handlebars placed close in and high up as opposed to low and outside.

To further enhance the smooth design, the Virgin Scooter’s battery pack is tucked away on the underside of the vehicle. The battery pack can be detached from the underside of the scooter, which can be rolled on wheels and kept at a safe place when not in use.

There are no details at present about the specifications of the scooter, which for now is only at the design concept stage. Nor do we know when or where we might see one of these beauties on the road.

There are a dearth of electric scooter designs on the market these days, which go from high concept luxury designs to simple runarounds and cover just about every permutation in between.

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