U-Socket: Energy-Saving USB Outlet Of The Future

With so many electronic devices becoming ingrained in our daily routine, it’s become necessary to change the way we think about energy–both producing and consuming it. Every single mobile device we own has to be connected to a power source at some point, and this constant search for an outlet is draining, on both us and the planet. Instead of just rethinking the way we charge our devices, maybe it’s time to start reimagining the outlet itself.

U-Socket is a hybrid design for home electrical sockets that touts itself as the outlet of the future. Combining both three-pronged and USB ports, the U-Socket claims to eliminate the clutter of AC adapters that stick out and take up space while also conserving energy.


Image via FastMac

Designed and manufactured by FastMac, the U-Socket can be used to replace a typical residential wall outlet. Although I’m no electrician, each socket comes with well-illustrated instructions that make me believe a fairly-experienced DIYer could probably handle the installation. (Be sure to check out the experience of this NotCot blogger before purchasing though. It seems that if you live in a house with outdated electrical wiring, it could be more difficult than one might first imagine).

The good news is, once you get it installed, U-Socket’s built-in smart sensor automatically detects required wattage and only outputs power when it’s needed,  shutting off the power flow when your device is fully charged. Eliminating this vampire energy will not only safe you money and shrink your carbon footprint, it will also keep you from burning out the delicate rechargeable batteries in your favorite gadget.

Available from $24.95

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