How Embracing Technology Can Save You Energy And Cash

Technology can get bad press when it comes to energy use because we associate technological appliances such as TVs and fridges with high energy consumption. However, technology can be used to a greener advantage and even help you to save cash too. Picking up a few green gadgets can make a real difference to the amount of energy used in your home, and with this in mind we’ve put together a three-step plan to help you embrace technology to use less energy.

Step one is to look at the appliances within your household and see if they are as efficient as they could be. According to government figures, 56 percent of energy use in the home goes on heating or cooling, so a top priority should be ensuring you have a good quality boiler to keep this energy use down. Updating appliances such as washers, dryer and refrigerators may seem like an expensive task, but the long term savings they give you will be worthwhile. If you are unsure whether your products have lost efficiency and need replacing, you should read one of our previous posts about a new gadget that helps analyse this for you.

Although we can all try to reduce energy consumption by making small changes, keeping a check on the amount of energy you and your appliances are using can be very motivational. There are a huge number of gadgets like this one that help you monitor the energy being used by appliances such as your TV and washing machine. Then of course there are ones that limit your use altogether by turning them off when they are not in use.

Finally, once you’ve amended your own habits and updated your equipment, you may want to examine the efficiency of your home itself. Be savvy with your furnishings to prevent heat wastage by fitting thermo blinds and carpets and seriously consider installing proper insulation if you don’t have it. If you are feeling particularly green you might want to consider installing solar panels to generate your own electricity. However, if you do go down this path, don’t forget to inform your insurer; most providers like Castle Cover home insurance require you to inform them about any changes you make to your home.

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    Thanks for the shares, LED lights are more and more popular nowadays, they can effectively save energy.

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