Electric Makeover In Store For TAC Stark SUV

Brazilian jeep maker TAC Motors has signed an agreement with electric-motorcycle company MotoCzysz to create an electric version of a popular SUV.

The electric conversion of the Stark, described by TAC as a “jeep-style sport-ute,” will utilize MotoCzysz’s electric powertrain package, known as the D1g1tal Dr1ve.


image via TAC Motors

The D1g1tal Dr1ve is specifically designed for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who want to build electric vehicles (EVs).

Packaged into a single unit the system contains a liquid cooled, IPM electric motor and IGBT inverter, configurable gear reduction, differential, heat exchange, oil pump and miscellaneous electronics.

The unit is about the size of a carry-on piece of luggage and torque can be created with a DC current supply, water loop and a low voltage wiring harness.

“Deciding to make an electric Stark was an easy decision, the difficult part was, how?” Giovani Balduino, TAC Motors’ Technical Director, said in a statement. “MotoCzysz answered that question with the D1g1tal Dr1ve.”

MotoCzysz is best known in the EV world for its high performance electric bikes. The manufacturer, headquartered in Portland, Ore., has dominated the sport of electric bike racing, winning the the Isle of Man’s SES TT Zero Race three years running.

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