Dress Your Gadgets For Success In This Versatile V-Neck

High price and questionable treatment of workers still gives me pause about Apple products. Still, there’s no denying that in many ways they represent the trendiest and most-cutting edge digital devices on the planet. If you’re going to invest half a month’s salary into a MacBook Pro, it only makes sense to seek out the hippest cases and covers to protect it, right?

Computer Apparel is a fairly new, U.S.-based company that thinks your gadgets should be as well dressed as you are. The company specializes in literal garments that look cool while also providing your expensive toys with the protection they need to survive the journey from desk to messenger bag and back again.


Image via Computer Apparel

The Original V_Neck Sleeve is a 100 percent cotton case that looks like a T-shirt but is specially modified to provide a safe home for your Apple laptop and other devices (we’re pretty sure PCs and Androids will fit too). Reinforced with multilayer padding for extra protection, the front pocket acts as a non-nerdy home for your iPhone while cords and earbuds get stuffed down the neckline pocket. Flip it over to find a perfectly sized zippered pocket designed to keep your device secure in the sleeve as well as a bonus second pocket for other essentials, like magazines, notebooks, e-reader, etc.

The really great thing about this T-shirt sleeve is that unlike other laptop cases we’ve featured in the past, it’s completely machine washable. The only drawback is that it’s a brand new shirt, which means lots of natural resources and possibly toxic dyes went into making it. With tons of textiles entering the solid waste stream every year, we’d love the Original V_Neck Sleeve a whole lot more if it was a recycled shirt.

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