Water Bottle And Water Filter, All In One

Expensive, not always what it’s cracked up to be (i.e., spring water), and containerized in bottles made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic – or worse, BPA – bottled water isn’t just a human health problem, but an environmental problem of the first magnitude.

321 Water was designed to solve that problem. With a (many times) reusable water bottle/filter from 321 Water, you will never again have to choose between a public drinking water fountain and a plastic bottle of water costing almost $2 that is nothing more than bottled tap water. Nor will you have to worry about your empty, discarded bottle leaching its toxic burden into a landfill – and, from there, into groundwater supplies, lakes, rivers and even the ocean.

321 water, water bottle filter

image via 321 Water

Once every hundred times, you will have to replace the filter disk. Otherwise, you are good to go. Biking, camping, climbing, whitewater rafting, you name it, you can take your water with you and – because you are doing the filtering via the 321’s clever little plunger – you can be certain that your water is actually good for you. 321 Water’s filter tablet is a carbon-impregnated polymer filter, but you don’t have to remember that. Just remember how well the filter traps chemicals and solids, delivering clean, refreshing, good-tasting water.

Best of all, the 321 bottle is free of BPA, and is the first bottle of its kind to be manufactured in Australia. All this thanks to the busy, creative mind of Gretha Oost, who operates Half A Teaspoon Pty Ltd. So excellent is this reusable, durable and sensuous-looking water bottle that it received Green Dot Awards Design submission in the Professional Product category. Of course, 321 Water is not the first attempt to break away from the nearly ubiquitous bottled-water problem, as witness the Quench water system, or the inventiveness of Just Add Water. (Could the solution to plastic bottles be as simple as a cap? Only time will tell.)

The 321 Water is available in Australia starting at $39.


  • Reply May 16, 2012


    This is a nice filtration gadget! It is indeed very useful in many household out there. I actually can’t wait to get one.

  • Reply June 20, 2012

    Eugene Erwin

    Are they selling these in the USA yet. Seems to me, it is a great way to get rid of nasty bottle water and all the plastics that will lay in landfills for many years leaching chemicals into our water shed.

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