‘The Watt?’ Aims To Raise Your Energy IQ

And if thinking that this is yet another way for eco-nuts to validate their own unrealistic dreams, you might be in for a surprise. According to Jervey, even the biggest fossil fuel fan on the planet will appreciate the thoroughness and comprehensive and level approach this book will take. “Ultimately, I do believe we all eventually want the same thing: affordable power that isn’t going to kill us or make our world unstable. I think that this book should be a good resource for starting that conversation.”

The Watt?

image via Focus The Nation/Kickstarter

Jervey says that no matter how successful they are on Kickstarter (the project is looking for $20,000 over the next month) he and Focus The Nation will publish a basic, updated PDF version that will be available as a free download to absolutely everyone. If the project meets, or exceeds, its funding goal, the money will be used to produce the interactive e-book version that can be downloaded to mobile devices.

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