Poseidon Concept Yacht Fits 9 (4 If They’re Rich)

A concept yacht posted on the Behance network aims at creating interior and exterior shelter areas that “suggest the possibility of relaxation.” Given today’s frantic pace for all ages from grade school well past retirement (what retirement?), the suggestion is definitely warranted, thus it’s no surprise that the shape of the chaise longue in the bow of the yacht invites passengers to kick back, put feet up and catch some rays, or some Zs.

Named Poseidon, after the Greek god of the sea, this 12-meter (39.37-foot) sailing vessel is more curves than straight lines, following well-known design principles which state that curved, free-flowing forms are more compatible to the human body and mind than square or rectangular shapes. But the Poseidon is about more than just physical comfort. Its generous use of highly flexible thin-film solar panels based on nanotechnology and integrated into the sails also makes it very environmentally friendly, so Poseidon owners can get comfortable without feeling nagging environmental guilt.

Poseidon yacht

image via Demetrius Tanase/Behance

From the clever hand and eye of Romanian designer Demetrius Tanase, who used a modeling software program called 3ds Max to generate the image, and VRay to render it, this first run at designing a yacht has yielded some very nice results. Interiors feature smoothly rounded corners for rough weather (and fewer bruises), the use of soothing colors like teal, peach, and toast, and many clever, out-of-the-way storage cupboards or bins.

In addition to the solar-powered design, the Poseidon yacht uses a sleek, low-drag design to minimize the need for power. It also comes in two configurations – normal interiors that accommodate up to nine passengers, and a premium interior made for four rich people (Tanase’s assessment, not mine). One nice thing about the latter: when rich people adopt a trend, it quickly becomes fashionable (and sometimes ubiquitous).  And though Poseidon is not in the same class as the PlanetSolar boat we’ve reported on, it fits nicely in a niche market of yacht owners who appreciate both kinds of green: money and the environment.

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