Indie Film Champions Solar Bulb, Changes Lives

It’s not often that we can mention comedy, independent films and the need for renewable energy in the developing world all in the same post, but a new feature film now gathering funding on Kickstarter provides just such an opportunity. Gerry Balasta, the creative mind behind the award-winning movie “The Mountain Thief,” is looking for supporters to back his next project: a feature film called “The Solar Champion” that’s designed to make you laugh.

In “The Mountain Thief,” the actors were actual scavengers from a landfill community in Manila. As a result of the project’s success, children from the film got medical help, and the main actor, a special needs child, is now going to school. Through the film and its supporters, more children from the landfill will go to school in June on scholarships. “‘The Solar Champion‘ is the continuation of our work and this time in a narrative comedy form.  Acted by the talented actors of ‘The Mountain Thief,’ this film is truly inspiring, funny and entertaining. It is truly a continuation of the changes that we have started,” Balasta writes on his website.

The Solar Champion

image via The Solar Champion/Gerry Balasta

In the film, viewers will accompany a family of dreamers, as they search for the next “Manny Pacquiao” and the “solar bottle bulb” invention. In the end the children find inspiration from their father, and in the least likely place they expected it—from the prizefighter within themselves. The film ends in a documentary, which discovers and tracks the real lives of the actors of the film, as well as inventors, dreamers and real-life solar champions (like the Brazilian inventor of the solar bottle bulb and other solar bulb innovations).

“Similar to ‘The Mountain Thief,’ we intend to use the film as a platform for change but this time in awareness in ‘renewable energy’ and the developments around it aside from the issue of poverty,” writes Balasta.

Those interested in learning more about this ambitious project or supporting it with a donation should visit The Solar Champion on Kickstarter.

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