Flos D’E-Light Review: An Offbeat LED Light/iPhone Stand


Setup of the D’E Light is easy, but you’ll need space for an AC wall adapter. Plug it in and you’re ready to light a small table and/or perch your iPad on the lamp to charge.


The D’E Light could be the permanent base for your iPad or iPhone on your nightstand or desk. But because the lamp only holds iPhones or iPad in the vertical position, it’s probably going to serve more as a charger and home base than as a workstation. Any app using widescreen format is out of the question while your iPad/Phone is attached to the lamp. Also the audio plugins on some older iPods are inaccessible at the bottom while they sit on the lamp to charge.

Flos D'E-Light

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Given all this, the ideal location for this lamp is probably on a bedside table where one’s (newer model) iPhone or iPad  parks for the night. In fact a D’E-light and iPad combo would be a chic (but not cheap!) gift for someone who needs a modern update to his or her bedside lamp and alarm clock setup. The lamp charges stuff fast, puts out beautiful reading light with little heat, and the silky smooth, touch-controlled on/off switch is subtly illuminated for easy finding in the dark.


Flos’s new iPhone charging, LED laden “D’E-Light” is a fine lamp for desk top use, but its most natural home may be on a bedside table where it can charge your iPhone/Pad while you sleep. Subtle and stylish, it’s a sightly replacement for the standard charging cable snaking up from behind the desk or bed.

Phillipe Starck, the lamp’s designer, has a modest winner here. Only those with enough cash  – $395 to be exact – to indulge in such an exotic appliance will go for it, but it will probably look better, put out nicer light, and run more efficiently than the bedside lamps it goes to replace. Plus—didja see?–your iPad is charging on your lamp! It looks like it’s flying! Goodnight.

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