Eco Air Mattress Hides Inside Its Own Pump

Nothing feels better after a day spent hiking the Rocky Mountains, for example, than a good air mattress that takes the lumps, humps and bumps out of your chosen campsite, and Pakmat knows that.

Comfortable, compact and environmentally correct, Pakmat, the portable air mattress extraordinaire, looks tough and says it is. The fully assembled unit with pump and mattress weighs only four pounds. The design — trim yet durable and light enough to earn the tag “portable” even with the junior crowd — fits easily in a backpack, across a bicycle rack or in the hand, thanks to its sturdy handle.

pakmat, beyond design

image via Beyond Design

Designed to accommodate both families and extreme campers (i.e., rock climbers, back country backpackers and whitewater rafters), the ergonomic design – using phthalate-free materials strengthened with heavy-duty polyester fibers – is strong and comfortable, providing maximum body support even for large individuals. The shape, however, is less than unique and certainly doesn’t look like a surfboard, but this does not detract from either Pakmat’s comfort ratio or lightweight design.

One of the coolest features of the Pakmat is its carryall does dual duty as a pump that can be used to inflate the mattress in record time; 90 seconds, according to the maker. In fact, this is said to be the first air pump purpose-designed to act as a container and carryall for the airbed it is manufactured to inflate. In addition, both the mattress and the container are constructed to withstand extreme temperatures, so if you leave the mattress out in the sun it won’t weaken the shell.

By Beyond Design of the United States (a product development firm currently seeking an initiative to donate Pakmats to relief agencies like the Red Cross and FEMA), this Green Dot Award winner in the Professional Product category is so cleverly designed that its container, or carryall – made of environmentally-friendly materials like ABS plastic and polypropylene – fits together with a snap. Disassembly, when it’s time to recycle, is just as easy. More important, the blow-formed plastic carryall delivers all the packaging needed for display at retail locations, thus reducing the need for more packaging materials which are ultimately discarded. Now that’s green! Serious campers need only pair the Pakmat with the BioLite Camping Stove to cover all the bases.

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