Brammo Empulse Electric Motorcycle A $17,000 EV Ride

Calling its latest high performance electric motorcycles “ground-breaking,” e-motorcycle manufacturer Brammo last week unveiled pricing and production plans for its new 2012 Empulse and Empulse R. The vehicles are expected to offer motorcycle riders a driving range of around 120 miles or so in the city, along with a top speed of over 100 miles per hour.

The Brammo Empulse and Empluse R will be available in volume by the first quarter of 2013 and third quarter of 2012, respectively. Limited numbers of the Empulse R will be available this coming June, as well. Interestingly, Brammo is choosing to release the more expensive electric motorcycle first, as the Empulse R prices around $19,000, while the more base Empulse drops in at around $17,000.

Brammo Empulse

image via Brammo

In terms of performance, there seems to be no real difference between the two two-seater models. Both make use of a water-cooled AC motor and fully integrated IET six speed transmission, regenerative braking and on board J1772 Level 2 charging capability. Peak motor power is 40kW, @ 8,200 rpm (54 hp), and the on-board BPM15/90 Lithium-ion battery is said to have a life of up to 1,500 charge cycles at 80 percent capacity.

What, therefore, accounts for the $2,000 price difference? Level of trim. The base Empulse body work, according to Brammo, is all plastic, and has semi adjustable front suspension and semi adjustable rear suspension, while the Empulse R uses carbon fiber for headlight shroud, front and rear fenders, top panel and the rear light housing.

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