8 Watts Of Power, 50 Watts Worth Of Light

LED bulbs are admittedly more energy efficient than either incandescent or compact fluorescent bulbs, and perform even better when used in directional lighting scenarios like can lighting (recessed ceiling lights), track lighting, desk lighting, hanging lights and spotlighting for retail displays. And new replacements bulbs seem to be popping up day after day.

Now comes one from Lighting Science Group (LSG), which says commercialization of the 8-watt Definity MR16 HO (high output) LED bulb provides a drop-in replacement for the MR16 halogen light.

Lighting Science Group's MR16

image via Lighting Science Group

According to LSG, the Definity is not only more efficient in terms of lumen output-per-watt (lumens being the measure of the total quanta of visible light emitted by a source), but overcomes significant design and manufacturing obstacles vis-à-vis internal power supply in relation to brightness – a previously insurmountable obstacle in terms of consumer satisfaction and market penetration.

Amazingly, Definity’s miserly appetite – a mere 8 watts – and its 25,000-hour lifetime rating was achieved even though developers adhered to industry standards, or form factors, which included the absence of fans (and only one heat sink) to maintain Definity’s superlative performance. In fact, according to company CEO Jim Haworth, the Definity is a giant step forward in the development of a “more efficient, sustainable and brighter energy future.”

Lighting Science Group, which recently unveiled its smaller Glimpse downlight for installation in most 4-inch recessed openings, is an innovator in LED development and manufacturing. The Glimpse, which provides 750 lumens of warm white light with a 70-percent reduction in the use of materials and the help of only a single heat sink, is typical of LSG’s energy-efficient approach to LED lighting. The Glimpse is available at Home Depot for about $37, but take note: It sells there under the name Commercial Electric Disk, and only in the six-inch model. However, both the four- and six-inch Glimpse models can be tracked down through Lighting Science Group’s distributors  – which is also the source for the revolutionary Definity MR16.

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