World’s Largest Solar Thermal Heating System Online

Robert Kanduth, Managing Director and founder of GREENoneTEC, gave some sense of the scale of the project. In a statement, he said: “This plant has gigantic proportions – the surface is equivalent to about the size of 5 football pitches full of collectors.”

image via GREENoneTECH

In spite of its image as an oil-rich country, Saudi Arabia has in fact begun investing seriously in solar power.

Even though the country has a plentiful oil supply for now, the Saudi princes must realize that the supply is finite and with prices hiking all the time, it makes economic sense for them to reduce their dependency at home and export more of it abroad. The Saudis currently generate over 50 percent of their electricity by burning oil, which can consume up to an eighth of the country’s total oil output.

Mindful of the high levels of daylight sunshine the Kingdom gets, the Saudi’s have committed themselves to getting 10 percent of their energy from solar power by 2020.

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