Volta Solar Charger Wants You To Take A Hike

Mobile devices are supposed to keep us connected to the people, media and information we like no matter where we are. But limited batteries and faltering signals often make us fearful to venture out into the great outdoors without our trusty gadgets. Colin Murphy, a LEED accredited professional and outdoor gear enthusiast, saw no reason why remote adventures should keep us from enjoying our favorite gadgets, so he designed a solar charger that’s up to the task.

The Volta concept embraces the outdoor lifestyle and acts as a portable solar charging hub for all the various equipment and gear that the modern camper brings into the wild. Camera batteries, cell phones and even laptops are no match for the 240 square inches of high efficient solar panel. “With two standard AC/DC plugs, mini USB, and Apple specific charging ports, the Volta is ready for anything,” says Murphy.

Volta Solar Charger

Image via Colin Murphy

Designed to be durable and weigh only 10 pounds, the Volta features carefully protected solar panels that fold out from its main body and adjust to the angle that will be most beneficial for gathering solar energy. According to Murphy, this variable angle collection method can increase productivity by up to 30 percent.

Volta Solar Charger

image via Colin Murphy

And because not all hikes or camping trips go as planned, the Volta’s removable battery provides users with the option to store backup power for days that are too cloudy or overcast for solar energy collection. This way, even if the weather refuses to cooperate, you will never lose access to GPS and other devices that are essential when exploring off the beaten path.

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