This Green Dollhouse Deserves LEED Platinum

A dollhouse is a remarkably good toy for small children to use to act out their feelings for the other people in their lives and then, through playacting, to integrate those emotions into daily life in a useful way.

A PlanToys dollhouse does double duty. It allows for these interactions, and does so in a completely sustainable fashion, sourcing natural materials like organic rubberwood and natural vegetable dyes for colored items like rugs and bedding. Then, to make things even better, it has created an environmentally and socially conscious environment in which doll figures can be allowed to interact to highlight all the benefits of green living.

Green Dollhouse

image via Amazon

For example, the PlanToys Green Dollhouse with Furniture features a wind turbine and a solar panel, both connected via an inverter for clean, renewable household energy. The house also comes complete with a rain barrel, in recognition of another one of the great dangers of global warming: a significant lack of water in places already considered arid, like the U.S. Southwest. Add to this hyperconscious rain-barrel philosophy a biofacade, or an outside layer of plant growth (like a living wall) which acts as a second skin, allowing the house to more readily fit into the natural landscape, and you have a miniature dwelling that stands ready to allow your miniature person to experience his or her own environmental and social consciousness. The best thing about biofacades, or plant walls, is how they work with nature, providing leafy shade during the heat of summer but allowing winter’s weaker rays to reach cold buildings.

The PlanToys Green Dollhouse also includes an adjustable blind, or sun screen, that can be raised to allow more light and air, or lowered to keep the dollhouse cool on very hot summer days, just like mom does. For PlanToys, the dollhouse is an expression of their very green three-R philosophy: reduce, reuse and recycle. For kids, the miniature house comes with five complete rooms of furniture—a lot of play and imagination in a very small space! For parents, the $178 price tag, from Amazon, is a welcome relief from increasingly spendy toys.

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