Solar-Inspired Ring Makes A BIG Statement

From the hand and eye of designer Abhimanyu Rajvanshi comes this intriguing ring made from solar photovoltaic material. Think of it as a mood ring for environmentalists. When sunlight hits the ring, the tiny LED that substitutes for a stone (on a normal ring) starts to glow red. And this effect remains visible as long as the ring face is exposed to sunlight.

According to Rajvanshi, it feels as if the energy (that goes to power the LED) is in your hand or on your fingers, so presumably some kind of electrical interface is also present in the poly/plastic main portion of the ring—which I hesitate to call a band since there is nothing bandlike about it. In fact, based solely on appearances, I can only see a man wanting a ring like this, and even then the (imagined) weight and cumbersome profile would make other things difficult to handle.

Solar ring

image via Abhimanyu Rajvanshi/Coroflot

But the concept is undeniably unique, a sort of angular and faintly cheerful effect on one side. On the other side, a blank, black bleakness representing a time on this planet when all its non-renewable resources like coal, oil and natural gas have been burned, leaving no recourse to its inhabitants but to subscribe to renewable energy technologies, which are then expected to come to Earth’s rescue (most notably solar energy).

ring concept

image via Abhimanyu Rajvanshi/Coroflot

Even as a gift, it’s kind of awkward. What a bleak and forbidding message. Who does one give this to? Certainly not a friend. Perhaps the man down the block who drives a Hummer and works in an accounting office? Or more likely that coworker who is constantly bragging about all the shopping trips which net her more junk than she knows what to do with? Personally, if I wanted to flaunt something, I’d prefer the designer frig from Samsung with its imbedded jewels alongside the handle.

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