Oregon Green News: Bee Colony Collapses, Greenest Colleges

Editor’s Note: EarthTechling is proud to bring you this weekly look at Oregon green news courtesy of Sustainable Business Oregon, a publication of the Portland Business Journal that covers the intersection of business and sustainability in the state that leads the country in green practices.

Here are some highlights from Sustainable Business Oregon in the last week for Oregon green news:

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Oregon beekeepers: No quick fix for colony collapse: A recent study linking the mysterious disappearance of bees known as colony collapse disorder to a Bayer pesticide is causing a stir, but Oregon bee experts say there are no easy answers when it comes to colony collapse.

The debate over coal in the Pacific Northwest continues: Asia needs coal and the Powder River Basin has plenty of it. The problem is how to get it there. Clean energy advocates who oppose locating coal export terminals in the Pacific Northwest got a boost this week from the EPA, which is urging a close study of the impacts.

Who are the best corporate citizens? Nike and Intel, to name two: “Corporate Responsibility Magazine” unveiled its 13th annual list of the 100 best corporate citizens this week, ranking both Intel Corp. and Nike Inc. in the top 10.

U.S. cleantech industry could fall off a cliff without policy changes: Without a change to U.S. policy the cleantech sector — which created 70,000 jobs — is poised to take a dive off a rather high cliff, according to a new report released this week by the Brookings Institution.

OSU among 16 greenest colleges: The Oregon State University Beavers may have celebrated this week with green beer. The university made an exclusive list of the 16 most environmentally responsible colleges as ranked by the Princeton Review.

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