Oregon Green News: A Very Green Home, Eco Oysters

Editor’s Note: EarthTechling is proud to bring you this weekly look at Oregon green news courtesy of Sustainable Business Oregon, a publication of the Portland Business Journal that covers the intersection of business and sustainability in the state that leads the country in green practices.

Here are some highlights from Sustainable Business Oregon in the last week for Oregon green news:

image via Sustainable Business Oregon/Westlake Development Group

Builder debuts 100% Made-in-America home:
Gerald Rowlett said he feels like he’s just built the greenest possible home in the United States. His business, Westlake Development Group will open the doors to its “Made in America” home in Lake Oswego this weekend at the Ultimate Open House Tour. We’ve got a look inside.

My Street Grocery goes mobile to find food deserts:
Socially minded startup My Street Grocery is tacking the problem of “food deserts,” areas in cities — usually neighborhoods replete with low-income residents — that don’t have easy access to healthy food.

Oregon’s Gov. Kitzhaber is “gravely concerned” about coal export plans:
Gov. John Kitzhaber made a formal request this week for a full environmental impact review of proposals to base coal export facilities in the Pacific Northwest, saying, “We have the responsibility to have a full national debate.”

Hungry? These oysters are eco-overachievers:
Portland restaurant owner Tobias Hogan would like you to think of oysters as eco-overachievers, filtering brackish estuary waters of potentially harmful algae and phytoplankton and making the waters safe for baby crabs and small fish to flourish.

Salmon may actually benefit from water spilled over dams:
A new study suggests that spilling excess water over dams may not be harmful to fish. With high-water season on the way in the Columbia River, that could be good news for wind farm operators.

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