How to Easily Improve Gas Mileage & Reduce the Carbon Emissions of Your Vehicle

With gas prices growing to over $4 a gallon, it’s time to get real about your fuel economy. Whether you’re trying to give Mother Nature a hand by going green or minimize the huge hole in your budget, a few sage upgrades are your ticket to fuel savings. To start with, it’s time to say goodbye to your stock air intake system. Like sticking a puny straw in a double-thick shake, your factory system constricts the amount of oxygen flowing to your engine. That means you have to push the pedal to the metal every time you’re going uphill or need some speed. Performance air intakes and air filters open up the flow to your engine to give it all the power-producing air it craves. That means you don’t need to floor it to get the extra oomph to power past all the slowpokes on the road. Plus, custom air intakes and air filters are custom engineered to optimize the engine efficiency in your specific year, make and model vehicle. So, your motor runs lean and green while staying mean.

The next phase is reprogramming your onboard electronics for optimal miles per gallon. A Performance chip utilizes cutting-edge computer technology to rewrite your ECU for big gains in fuel economy. Plugging seamlessly into your ride’s OBDII port, fuel efficiency programmers are written by the world’s best to wrangle every scrap of gas efficiency out of your engine. On top of that, many performance chips feature an onboard monitor so you can keep track of your gas mileage. Best yet, gas saving chips are available for a wide variety of vehicles from 1-ton trucks to already-economical Corollas. That means that at the same time you’re scoring one for Team Green, you get to watch the dollar bills flying back into your wallet.

With your air intake system and ECU synchronized to fuel-sipping levels, it’s time to take care of all you hard working truck drivers out there. Whether you bought your rig for heavy hauling at the jobsite or for its rugged off-road ability, getting better MPG is a huge plus. And, the next step for your rig’s journey to gas saving bliss is hooking up its payload with a tonneau cover. One of the biggest killers of fuel economy is the drag on your backside. When you’re rolling with a wide open bed air compresses against your rear hatch, slashing your aerodynamic edge. Tonneau covers sit flush in your bed so air slips by as you’re driving instead of getting trapped. So your gear stays secure while the air flies aerodynamically by.

Now that you’ve readied your ride for a fuel-friendly future, it’s time for a few upgrades so its appearance and braking system can keep pace. To maintain your auto’s interior appearance to factory-fresh levels, you need to set the seats up with a set of car seat covers. From neoprene to leather and Hawaiian print to factory-match colors, car seat covers compliment your style while maintaining your looks. On the outside, a car cover is the best way to keep your paint pristine for years to come. For added exterior protection for the off-roaders among us, adding a set of fender flares is absolutely essential. Finally, no upgrade regimen is complete without upgrading your braking system. A set of top-quality EBC brakes adds unmatched stopping power to your fuel-efficient and stylish package. Never before has Mother Nature and your ride’s style been so perfectly aligned.


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    The easiest way of all is to drive electric.  And here are a few good reasons why…

    Four Reasons To Drive Electric


    We believe every small act
    of ecological stewardship contributes to the overall sustainability of life on
    earth.  As Pam Hollis said, “I try to live by the philosophy that we
    can’t expect to make 100 percent change in any one thing.  Rather, it’s
    the 1 percent change in 100 different things that will make the biggest
    impact.”  Moto Electric Vehicles is proud to join the 1 percent that
    is attempting to save our environment, while reducing our dependence on gasoline,
    directly lowering the cost of transportation.

    Miss Electric ( recently posted these reasons
    on their website. We felt that they raised valid points that deserved your
    consideration, so we are paraphrasing them here – and adding a few
    considerations of our own!


    Save Money

    Hybrid and plug-in cars have lower overall operating costs.
    Spending less money at the gas station means more money in your pocket. 


    Fun To Drive

    Electric vehicles are just plain fun to drive! High torque and
    smooth handling, along with quiet operation make them a “green”
    driver’s dream – not to mention all of the attention you and your vehicle will


    Healthy People/Healthy
    Environment/Healthy Economy

    Electric vehicles emit virtually no toxic emissions. Not only will
    people be healthier, but they will also spend less money on imported oil and
    help to create jobs building the vehicles and the infrastructure necessary to
    support them.


    Be Part Of The Electric Drive Community

    Current and potential EV drivers love to gather and share
    their experiences with others! Many hold local events that offer opportunities
    to network with like-minded people to learn about the latest innovations,
    legislation, opportunities and applications for Electric Vehicles.


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    You're a moron

    Moron.  All electric (at this time), is useless with the tech we currently have.  The range is too low for real world applications.  No one (in they’re right mind) who has to use it as their only vehicle will purchase one, due to their extended trip driving.  Myself, I have to drive nearly 200 miles to visit my family cross-state, one way.  Plus, you increase the amount of output of your local power plants to charge your vehicles.  You aren’t doing anything “positive”.  All you are doing is off-setting your gas usage to the power producers that you curse.  There are gas driven cars out there that get better fuel economy than your precious hybrids for nearly half the costs, and with a lower impact on the environment.  I’d rather buy a Chevy “Eco” model that doesn’t use a battery who’s maker killed the ecosystem around their plant.  Nothing will grow there.  Just imagine your hybrid or electric car’s battery pack destroyed in an accident.  Major haz-mat bill with that one.  More than a typical accident clean-up.  We can all be good stewards to the environment without falling prey to the absolute fallacy of global warming…either natural or man-made.

    Comment sections are not the proper place to advertise your own business.  So tacky.

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      And yet – the people who buy electric-only cars seem to be happy with them – as external-combustion electrical generating plants are far more efficient than the internal combustion engine. Also, the vast majority of commuters drive less that 40 miles round trip. Most trips simply do not need the range you speak of…. and for that longer trip a hybrid will do fine.

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    Need options

    Why does it have to be one or the other? Why can it be both, Electric and Gas. Most people have two cars anyway. One to drive the short trips to work and the other to drive the long trips. Or you can rent a gas powered car for the long trips. Electric would not work for everyone, but why should it? I like my gas powered machines, but I’d like to try out a electric car for around town driving. I’d like to have that option.

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    You had me, then you lost me! Suggesting that we purchase new and unnecessary seat covers from “neoprene to leather to Hawaiian print…’ is absolutely not an environmentally nor socially sustainable suggestion. And the link leads not to more information but a website selling non-eco goods. Now I doubt your integrity!

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      This is actually an advertorial piece and not something written by the EarthTechling editorial staff. We apologize for the confusion on that.

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        Joel Dean

        It is irresponsible to print this peace without clearly identifying it as an advertisement. The claims made for the air intake systems and the drag of uncovered truck beds are unsubstantiated by any verifiable fact. The rest of the “article” is blatant advertising which has nothing to do with the title. Printing this type of peace, in this fashion, detracts from the crediability of all your articles.

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