FSC Bamboo Pendant Light A Thing Of Green Beauty

The fine structure and mechanical properties of the fibers contained in a bundle of Moso bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens) provide a sturdy yet elegant foundation for a Green Dot Award winner called the Constellation Pendant Light. Slice the bamboo into long, thin and relatively narrow segments using CNC (computer numerical control) methods, combine them in a crosshatch pattern suspended from fine wire or cord and you have an elegant swag light whose complex shape draws the eye in a multitude of directions without being “busy” or disorienting.

From Integration Studio in Australia, the Constellation Pendant Light is more than just a hanging lamp, though. Its creation (and, potentially, dissemination to small design studios around the world) is meant to highlight the use of environmentally friendly, renewable sources like bamboo.

Constellation Pendant Light

image via Green Dot Awards

Wood for this pendant light is sourced using FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council-certified) Moso bamboo, which produces a full new crop of usable wood every five years and continues to replenish itself for up to 100 years thanks to natural underground root propagation. It also uses non-toxic glues and water-based finishes which don’t contain volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, which can be harmful to the human respiratory system.

The Constellation Pendant Light, making use of an 18W CFL with the option for a 4.1W LED spherical bulb, is meant for the limited-run production status found in a small interior design studio, and is available in smaller or larger sizes to fit a room’s height and breadth. And, like all bamboo products – from the Bluetooth Keyboard we wrote about in March, or the designer headphones band from Ashcraft Design – it is 100-percent recyclable.

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