DIY Robot Night-Light Powered By The Sun

Decorating a child’s bedroom is a fun challenge, but can become costly if you’re buying all new stuff. If you’ve got a kid who’s into robots, but not into the dark, this solar powered night light might be just the accessory you’ve been looking for. Spotted on Instructables, this is the perfect DIY project for you and your child to tackle together. Plus, it provides a great opportunity to teach your child a little more about solar power while you’re at it!

The robot night-light is made out of some very simple materials, many of which you may find lying around the house. The most important material is a solar yard light (you know, the kind people often use to light their walkways or patio areas?). The project’s author says that she scored one at a local dollar store, so even this doesn’t need to be a big investment.

DIY Robot Solar Nightlight

image via Amyscrazycrafts/Instructables

The robot’s body is built from¬†interlocking squares and rectangles cut from baltic birch plywood. After gluing them together and adding a few nuts and bolts, this faux tin man is ready for his heart: the solar lamp. Inserted into the robot’s body, the solar lamp gathers energy through a convenient opening in the head. If you don’t have the tools to precision cut such delicate wood, the designed offers robot laser cut wood listed for sale on Etsy & Zibbet in AmysCrazyCrafts store.

All you need to do is place him in full sunlight throughout the day, and he’ll be ready to provide a soothing solar light all through the night! Find full list of materials and assembly instructions here.

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