Designer CFL Invites You To Lose The Lampshade

When someone visits my home for the first time, I point out the bathroom, and maybe my office. Showing off my energy efficient light bulbs never crosses my mind as a “grand tour” highlight. Not only is it a little odd, it would probably come off as somewhat pretentious. But if my CFLs were as lovely to look at as the Plumen Bulb from British designer Samuel Wilkinson and product design company Hulger, I might change my tune.

EarthTechling first reported on the Plumen about a year ago, when it took top prize in the Brit Insurance Design of the Year competition. For the past 12 months, Wilkinson and Hugler have been hard at work, developing new iterations of the Plumen’s whimsical designs. The result is a delightful luminary that truly earns the title “world’s first designer low energy light bulb.”

Plument Light Bulbs

image via Plumen

Unlike traditional CFLs, which bear a striking resemblance to piglet tails, the Plumen weaves two sculpted tubes into symmetrical tangles, truly intriguing silhouettes that hearken back to the filaments of Edison’s early light bulbs. As the Daily Grommet pointed out in a recent video review, the Plumen is one light bulb that you’ll never want to hide under a lampshade.

Despite its high fashion appeal, the Plumen still uses 80 percent less energy than a conventional incandescent and claims to last eight times longer. In addition to creating new versions of the Plumen, the company recently launched a small collection of pendant light fixtures that make it easy to show off the decorative bulbs. The Plumen bulb is available for $29.95 on the company’s website.

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