Wendell Pierce Talks Rebuilding New Orleans Green [VIDEO]

Editor’s Note: EarthTechling is proud to repost this video content courtesy of Future360. Author credit goes to Sarah Backhouse.

Future360 travels to New Orleans, Louisiana to meet actor and star of Treme, Wendell Pierce. Pierce is on a mission to rebuild Pontchartrain Park using renewable energy and clean technology.

Pontchartrain Park in New Orleans was hit hard by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. At the peak of the disaster, the neighborhood was submerged in 12 feet of water where it sat for three weeks.

image via Future360

As the childhood home of Pierce, this historic black neighborhood is close to the actor’s heart. He’s set out to create the 21st century version of Pontchartrain Park, populating the suburb with LEED Platinum homes, which are manufactured offsite to keep costs to a minimum. The homes are powered by renewable energy, including geothermal and solar. The homes also boast an igloo design in the ceiling to maximize energy efficiency – a principle that works just as well in the Arctic as it does in Louisiana.

The result? “Energy and water usage in the home generates about the same amount of electricity as a traditional coffee maker,” says Pierce. Pontchartrain Park aims to highlight how renewable energy and clean technology can provide both environmental and economic payback for communities.

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