Volkswagen Up-Grades Its CNG Concepts

Late last year, we reported on a new line of six concept cars from Volkswagen, curiously called Up, unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

As EarthTechling’s Aaron Colter reported, “The Up series of concept cars are all based around compressed natural gas (CNG) technology, a pretty edgy choice for Volkswagen as we have not seen many automakers harnessing the technology” with the intention of commercial distribution. Now, it seems that Volkswagen is more intent than ever to bring its Up series to market. The company recently announced that it will add two additional environmentally friendlier engine options to the lineup.

Volkswagen up!

image via Volkswagen

It was also announced that the two fuel-efficient 1.0-litre engines (44 kW / 60 PS and 55 kW / 75 PS) in the Up will now be available with BlueMotion Technology. This involves a “Stop/Start” system as well as battery regeneration technology, which, working together with the car’s body lowered by 15 millimetres, allow for significantly reduced fuel consumption.

The CO2 emissions of the new Up engines are only 96 grams (60 PS) and 98 g (75 PS), respectively. This means a reduction of consumption by up to 0.5 litre or the equivalent of up to 10 g less of CO2 per 100 kilometres (55 kW / 75 PS). And if you’re expecting all this state-of-the-art  technology to cost VW drivers an arm and a leg, thing again: the entire package adds only an additional 400 euros ($534) to the price tag.

And lest all the Upgrades (sorry, couldn’t resist) be of the boring, energy-efficient kind, Volkswagen has also announced the availability of optional features including a panoramic sliding sunroof and “leatherette pack.”

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