The Un-LED Screen, Solar Powered

Sun-D Eluments is composed of standardized modular elements that can arranged and strung together as needed, acting as dividers or “standalone design objects” in open room. Clients can display their own custom content or simply create some artistic effects with these screens by choosing sources of moving light to illuminate them.

The sun Sun-D Wall works in much the same way but bigger, of course. The designers see the wall units as ideal when deployed in conjunction with a projector, making it “perhaps…the most special screen available on the market.” The wall unit can also make use of color images such as company, product or event logos.

Sun-D Wall

image via Sun-D

Other possible light sources include a spotlight, sunlight (direct or via mirrors), and regular ambient interior light.

The third version, the Sun-D Advanced, is limited to black and white images, but has the added bonus of being able to scroll through different images/logos, as per a remote-control device.

What seems remarkable to us about the product concept is that there is no electricity involved, just the amplification of an existing light source, be it the sweeping lights of a club scene or the sunlight shining in through a window. What seemed remarkable to the jury of Ars Electronica (which awarded the device’s originator, Jonas Burki of Switzerland, an Art and Technology grant in 2007) was this:

“…the project’s ingenuity was not seen in how it develops or uses complicated technologies, but in how it intelligently combines simple physical phenomena with mechanical approaches to solving a problem. Sunlight is normally the natural enemy of displays that work with some sort of illuminant. Sun-D exploits this inherent weakness and, in keeping with its basic concept, explores potential uses of this free and inexhaustible light source.”


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