Stroller Folds Itself, Charges Phone, Tells Temp

Called the Origami, after the Japanese art of paper folding, this stroller does what all strollers should do: it folds itself at the touch of a button, not merely in two dimensions, but in three (height, width and length), delivering a compact cube that fits nicely in the trunk of your compact car or the front hall of your eco-stylishly small brownstone.

Unlike origami, it doesn’t fold to look like anything. No birds in flight, storks standing on one leg or thrashing paper dragons. But, then, the Origami doesn’t have to make a point, because it is a fashion statement in its own right. The power to fold comes from generators in the rear wheels that not only fold the stroller but charge your cell phone and power up the various fog, safety and running lights on the legs. Add to that a lighted LCD display with a speedometer (in case you jog while taking baby for a stroll), an odometer—so you know how much chocolate you’re entitled to when you get home—and a temperature gauge that tells you when it’s too inclement for baby or yourself. In fact, it’s almost as well equipped as Sam, the solar—and battery—powered adult-sized stroller we reported on in 2010.

4moms origami stroller

image via 4moms

Price? Well, yes, you do pay for all this magic: $849.99.

4moms, the company that brings you the innovative Origami, frames the ad for its creation in terms of what a stroller should be: power folding, self-charging, safe, elegant, practical and colorful. Origami fills all of these requirements very nicely, combining sleek styling and aesthetically pleasing contours with a form that clearly follows function, diverging only to make that fashion statement we mentioned earlier.

Origami, like any vehicle at the top of its class, can also be customized. Choose an eminently practical and doubly useful car seat adapter, an equally useful cell phone charger and bag, a snack pack and travel bag, and from a range of optional colors to match whatever you and baby are wearing. The four-wheel suspension is part of the package, delivering a smooth ride for baby no matter how many bumps there are in the pavement. Safety systems like a sensor that prevents someone accidentally folding baby along with the stroller are impressive, as is the single-push braking system, the five-point harness and the generous sunshade with peek-a-boo window. Add a rocking chair that uses kinetic energy to light OLEDs for nighttime use, and you have a very green baby-raising profile.

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    Alex Hindley

    Man, if this is the kind of tech that’s available today, raising kids in the 2020s is gonna be awesome

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