Green Transportation Sparks A Better Spark Plug [VIDEO]

Editor’s Note: EarthTechling is proud to bring you this video material courtesy of Future360. Author credit goes to Sarah Backhouse.

Henrik Fisker’s vision for the Fisker Karma was to create “an environmentally friendly car with no comprises”.  The Karma can do 0 – 60 in less than 6 seconds, has the power of a V8 with better fuel efficiency than a Prius.


image via Fisker Automotive

Fisker wanted to give drivers the freedom to go “wherever they want, whenever they want”, so opted for an extended range electric over a pure electric. The Karma’s first 50 miles are electric, and then the four-cylinder engine kicks in to power it another 250 miles.  With its 300-mile range – roughly equivalent to that of a traditional gas-powered car – drivers don’t have to deal with “range anxiety”.

Enerpulse is the manufacturer of a next generation spark plug.  Developed at the Sandia National Laboratories, the Pulstar Pulse Plug was designed to increase the power of a spark plug by igniting the gasoline in an engine’s cylinder more completely and creating a more efficient burn.  This increases torque and improves horsepower, resulting in better fuel economy and less CO2 emissions.

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