Geneva Motor Show 2012: VW Cross Coupe Plug-In Diesel Hybrid

The VW contribution to green car technology at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show is a plug-in hybrid concept vehicle which is clean diesel powered. It is called the Cross Coupe, and VW is making use of this design to test different vehicle variations on a new platform that would let it make use of the same set of components across multiple models.

The Cross Coupe with TDI Clean Diesel is envisioned as a compact, crossover SUV design. It accelerates from zero to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds, and its TDI engine develops maximum torque of 295 lb-ft from approximately 1600 rpm. It can travel up to 28 miles at nearly 75 mph in electric only mode, according to VW, making use of only the rear wheels. The driver can drive for longer stretches in electric mode (provided that the battery has sufficient charge) by simply pressing a button next to the gearshift grip to reengage the turbodiesel and front electric motor.

VW Cross Coupe - image via VW

When driving the Cross Coupe concept, one can choose from a total of five different driving modes, depending upon specific needs. These include an eco mode with minimal fuel consumption and an off-road option. The engine in this vehicle, a 2.0-liter EA288, is said to be low-emitting, fuel-efficient and torquey.

Looking at the inside of this vehicle, one of the most interesting elements is a user programmable instrument cluster display, with a control wheel that lets one change the display contents between different functionality modes. These modes, such as off-road, would offer choices based upon engagement, such as  gyrometer, compass and topographic map.

VW Cross Coupe - image via VW

Also of noteworthiness is the fact this design is equipped with four individual seats, each designed with a permanently integrated head restraint. These seats are focused upon being ergonomic, and the  backrests of the rear seats and front passenger’s seat can be folded forward completely to load gear.

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    AWD diesel/hybrid.  If I weren’t an atheist, I would say my prayers are answered.

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