Focus Electric Just Needs Driver To Be A Carpool

There really wasn’t any question that the Focus Electric would gain carpool rights; under California rules, an unlimited number of “White Clean Air Vehicle Stickers” are available to 100 percent battery electric cars. Starting this month, drivers of a low-emission model of the 2012 Chevrolet Volt also gained the right to go solo in the state’s carpool lanes, under a program that makes a limited number of “Green Clean Air Vehicle Stickers” available to “enhanced advanced technology partial zero emission vehicles.”

Of course, the Nissan Leaf also has carpool privileges, and it’s the Leaf that appears to be Ford’s, uh, focus, in the marketing of its new electric.

Focus Electric car pool HOV

image via Ford

In addition to noting its (slightly) superior fuel economy, Ford added: “The EPA-approved Focus Electric label also certifies that the car has a range of 76 miles on a single charge compared with the 73-mile range of the Leaf. The Focus Electric can be driven up to 100 miles on a single charge depending on driving habits.”

Ford began production of the Focus Electric in December 2011 at its plant in Wayne, Mich., and some Ford fleet customers and technology partners, such as Google, have already received delivery.

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  • Reply March 23, 2012


    Outrageous! Car-Pool lane means at least 2 people, often 3, at a minimum in a vehicle, and has nothing to do with creating a traffic jam out of single-occupancy vehicles, however “mod” or “P.C.” they may be this month. It’s little wonder California is sliding into 3rd world Mexico status given the craven and stupid Democrats running things

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