Crafty: Cell Phone Charging Station From A Lotion Bottle

Editor’s Note: EarthTechling is proud to repost this article courtesy of greenUpgrader. Author credit goes to Becky Striepe.

Ashley over at Make It Love It was tired of leaving her cell phone on the floor while it charged. The phone got grungy, and it was sort of an eyesore. She decided to get crafty and do something about it! Her solution? An upcycled cell phone charging station made from a plastic bottle.

In her tutorial, she shows you how to transform an old plastic bottle into a cute cell phone charger that hangs right from the outlet! She used a lotion bottle, but pretty much any plastic bottle that’s big enough to hold your phone will do the trick. This project is sweet, simple, and best of all it’s upcycled! Click here to check out more pictures and the complete how-to!

image via Make It Love It

What I like about this charging station is not only that it’s upcycled, but by hanging the phone right by the plug, you’ll be more likely to remember to unplug that charger when it’s done powering up your phone. Bye bye, vampire power!

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    This is soooooo cool!

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