Et Two, Brutus? E-Motorcycle Gets A Makeover

When we first laid eyes upon designer Chris Bell’s electric motorcycle, the Brutus, we were stoked to find a high-performance electric bike wrapped around retro cool lines reminiscent of a classic-era Harley or Indian V-Twin cruisers of the 1930s and 1940s.

Now, Bell is set to introduce Brutus 2, the so-new-it’s-not-in-production-yet update of his company’s first bike. According to a report on AutoblogGreen, Bell is still tweaking the final version of the bike, so he’s keeping the performance numbers close to the vest. What we do know, however, is that the Brutus 2 will replace its old sealed lead-acid battery pack with a new, 153-volt, 4.9-kilowatt-hour lithium polymer battery designed to last up to 50,000 miles. The batteries are recharged using a standard household outlet (110 V), and a charge is said to take just three hours.


image via Brutus

Bell says that in test rides, Brutus 2 has posted zero-to-60 times of 4.7 seconds, not bad for a bike that weighs in at a rather chubby 535 pounds. The bike is said to have a top speed of around 100 mph and a range of at least 100 miles on a full charge. This year’s model also features a liquid-cooled, owner programmable motor controller usually found in race bikes that monitors the voltage, and offers riders a fully customizable engine and tuning response.

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