Can You Power Your Home With Your Lawn Clippings? [VIDEO]

Editor’s Note: EarthTechling is proud to bring you this video content courtesy of Green Tech Weekly. Author credit goes to show host Jason Quail.

Can you power your home with your lawn clippings? Your pacemaker has a reason to make sure your heart keeps beating. Swap something you have with the help of a vending machine. A solar car goes around the world. A virus that turns coffee into warmer sports clothing? And if you have a tug boat in space what should you run it on? Green Tech Weekly takes a look at these questions in this latest installment of its weekly video series.

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  • Reply February 27, 2012


    I like this. The announcer needs flesh colored makeup, a neck brace and anti-static hair. The studio is a wall in a basement? a bathroom? The best peanut gallery commentator appears to be less than 9 years old. He’s the only one who doesn’t interrupt the content flow.

    I think I’m going to get a camera and visit my hyperactive grandsons.

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