Brit E-Supercar Lightning GT Crackles In Previews

When EarthTechling last checked in on the status of the the Lightning electric supercar, the British company was in the midst of raising 15.5 million pounds ($25 million) to bring its Grand Tourer to production. Now, it appears that Lightning is happy enough with its prototype that they’ve begun to quietly preview the two-seater to a small number of auto journalists.

What’s become apparent with the GT is that while is had the sexy curves and impressive performance stats you’d expect from a high-end maker, there are some very innovative touches that have been implemented under the hood.


image via Lightning

The GT will be powered by lithium-titanate batteries, which are quicker charging than other lithium batteries and some analysts speculate that lithium-titanate batteries will power electric cars of the future. Lightning says that the GT will take a recharge in as little as 10 minutes (if you have a high-performance charger) and that the battery life should remain constant for up to at least 10,000 cycles. Even more impressive is that fact that the GT’s batteries will be part of the car’s aluminum honeycomb chassis. The company says this integration will provide the car with exceptional stiffness and handling properties.

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