Yaniv Pardo’s Twisting Tower For Netanya In Israel

Editor’s Note: EarthTechling, always on the lookout for interesting cleantech news to bring you, is proud to repost this article from partner Green Prophet. Author credit goes to Tafline Laylin.

We have a real soft spot for earth architecture, such as Nader Khalili’s gorgeous domes and arches fit for space, and these amazing Syrian beehive-shaped buildings that have lasted hundreds of years, but we also acknowledge the great strides that contemporary Israeli architects have taken to realize modern buildings more sustainable than their antecedents. In addition to the LEED Platinum-hopeful Porter School of Environmental Studies at Tel Aviv University, Netanya’s new City Hall is one of them. By giving this twisting tower a light frame with a mashrabiya-type screen, Yaniv Pardo has considerably reduced the required building materials and energy footprint.

image via Yaniv Pardo

The new Netanya City Hall aims to be an iconic structure that will put this relatively obscure Israeli city north of Tel Aviv firmly on the map. It is comprised of three prisms facing different directions, which gives it the sensation of “twisting.”

The tower is covered in greenery, which acts as a carbon sponge as well as providing the building with a little extra aesthetics. It is flooded with natural light but maintains energy efficiency thanks to Arab-styled mashrabiyas that provide shading and protection against solar gain.

The Netanya City Hall will get some of its power from geothermal sources and will provide a gathering space for the community in addition to its municipal services. This will be a mixed-use development complete with cultural, commerce, leisure and retail services. Modeled after a weather vane, this striking building will be dynamic, efficient, and vibrant and hopefully transform this once unknown city along the Mediterranean Sea!

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